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360 InLight Booth

Elevate Your Event with the 360 InLight Booth Experience

Welcome to a new dimension of event entertainment – the 360 In Light Booth. Immerse yourself in an interactive experience that captures moments in captivating motion. Let’s explore how this innovative technology is reshaping the way we engage with memories.
1. Unveiling the 360 InLight Booth:
Picture yourself seated on a platform, surrounded by excitement. The 360 In Light Booth is an innovative setup where a camera gracefully revolves around you, recording a seamless video clip that encapsulates your presence from every angle.
2. Captivating Motion, Endless Possibilities:
The 360 Photo Booth adds a dynamic touch to photography. As the camera rotates, it captures a continuous video, allowing you to showcase every facet of your presence in a mesmerizing sequence. The possibilities for creativity are boundless.
3. Advantages and Features:
360-Degree Stories: Capture the full essence of your event from every perspective.
Engaging Entertainment: The interactive process becomes part of the fun for both participants and onlookers.
Dynamic Sharing: Share the video clips on social media, letting others experience your event from all sides.
Event Branding: Customize backgrounds and overlays to incorporate event themes, logos, and more.
Memorable Moments: Preserve your event in a unique, captivating format that stands out.
4. Applications Across Events:
Weddings: Watch your special day come alive with the bride’s gown and the groom’s charm in dynamic motion.
Product Launches: Present your product to the world in an engaging, 360-degree promotional video.
Corporate Gatherings: Combine entertainment and branding, creating shareable content that resonates.
Fashion Showcases: Elevate your fashion event by showcasing outfits in a dynamic, runway-like experience.
Interactive Art: Transform event attendees into living art, capturing their essence in a fluid motion.
5. The Evolution Continues:
As technology evolves, the 360 Photobooth is just the beginning. Envision a future where virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) blend seamlessly, creating even more immersive experiences.

360 Video Booth:

Embrace your inner superstar or showcase your playful side, as the 360° Photo Booth encourages guests to explore their creativity without limitations. As the camera circles around you, the possibilities are endless. Create delightful and shareable moments by striking different poses, throwing confetti, or even experimenting with fun props. Our intuitive touch-screen interface lets you preview your masterpiece before it comes to life, ensuring every shot is picture-perfect.

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360° Video Booth experience include:

Unlimited Luxury, Slow-Motion 360° Videos

Video Link sent via SMS

Onsite attendant

LED RGB Full Luxury Lights

360 spinner photo booth is a great adition for any corporate party in chicago



2 Hours of service
$ 1249
  • Perfect for a short and sweet extravaganza


3 Hours of service
$ 1349
  • 3 hours of laughing and memory-making


4 Hours of service
$ 1499
  • Awesome value for the party that plans to go all night

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